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What is Waist Cinching?

What is Waist Cinching?
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Waist cinching is using a waist cinching garment to make your waist visually smaller. Sometimes it is called a cincher, cinching belt, waist trainer or waspie.

Waist cinching will not permanently change the shape of your waist. If you want to change the shape of your waist permanently, you will need a waist training corset, which is a very different garment and it will take a lot more time and commitment to see permanent results.

For instant shaping without the time commitment and training, a waist cincher is what you need. It can reduce your waist up to 2-3cm (1in) and give you the hourglass look without the restrictions of a corset.

Amber and Indigo has a range of luxury waist cinchers that have been designed to cinch your waist and add a touch of risqué-romantic elegance to your look, whether it be as underwear or outerwear.

Here are our style tips for wearing the Lux Waist Cinching belt:

As Underwear:

Amber and Indigo Waist Cinching Belt Amber and Indigo Lux Belt Waist Cincher - Juliette Elle

You can also wear it back to front. The details are considered from every angle. 

As Outerwear:

Amber and Indigo Lux Belt

If you are inspired check out our range here.

xo Amber Von Blonde

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