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Our first ever lingerie collection

Our first ever lingerie collection
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Take a trip down memory lane with us! Our first ever lingerie collection entitled Seven Heavenly Virtues was released in 2013.

The pieces for the collection were cut and sewn on the kitchen table in my small London based share house (thanks to all my flatmates for being so understanding!). The fabrics came from local London suppliers in Oxford Circus and Shepherds Bush, inspired by the the dreamy lace and embroidery I was woking with at a couture house. 

The idea for Seven Heavenly Virtues came from the juxtaposition of opposites. I was researching the seven deadly sins and discovered the seven heavenly virtues, a perfect balance of gritty elegance.  

Many of the designs from this collection have gone on to inspire future looks. The Virtue Lace Bralette and Aurora Skirt (originally the Abstinence Peek Skirt) are still inspiring our current designs and the pasties and high waist knickers continue to remain a staple feature in each collection. 

Amber & Indigo : Seven heavenly virtues from Amber & Indigo on Vimeo.

Virtue Lace Bralette

Virtue Lace Bralette

Photographer and videographer - Margueritte Lorraine 


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